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The Hospitality Mindset: Avinash Teelock's vision for Citroën

26th april, 2023

Applying hospitality principles to the automotive industry, Avinash tells us all!

The automotive industry is facing several challenges today

I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the brand. Citroën has a rich history of innovation and creativity with iconic cars such as the Traction Avant and the 2CV, and I am determined to build on these strengths and engage new customers to increase market share.

One of the key strengths of the Citroën brand is its accessibility. It is important for us to continue building on this principle and propose affordable mobility solutions that make life easier for our clients.

Comfort is another key strength of Citroën, and one that differentiates the brand from its competitors. At Axess, we take it one step further with Serenity Car Care contracts that provide peace of mind to our customers, says Avinash.

 The automotive industry is facing several challenges today, including the rise in the price of fuel and the cost of living. At Citroën, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of fiscal advantages proposed by the government to address the mobility needs of Mauritians and propose novel solutions.

Citroën already differentiates itself in terms of comfort as opposed to many brands which focus more on a “sporty feel.” However, there is also a perception that Citroën is not a reliable car which is far from the truth. To address this, we need to ensure that we continue offering competitively priced vehicles that provide immense value and be able to offer more models and variants to increase market share in other segments.

We currently offer the C5 Aircross, a family-sized SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) that is extremely competitive in terms of price, and the C3 Aircross, a fantastic compact SUV with a roomy interior and an economical and reliable engine. We plan to propose new models and powertrains to respond to the demand of the clients and new niche segments.


We are proud to have a very loyal existing customer base, and a high retention rate. To attract new customers to the brand, we plan to put the right selling points to potential customers through the right channels.

A vehicle is a significant investment and carries a lot of emotions, it is important that we fulfil their mobility needs and also make them feel different because they are driving a Citroen says Avinash Teelock, Brand Manager of Citroën

With a background in the hospitality industry, there exist several key principles that can be applied to my new role. Clear and concise communication, attention to detail, and being aggressive in attaining our targets are important qualities I expect from the Citroën team. I bring a leadership style that emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and being attentive to the needs of our customers. 

As for my personal interests, I have a few favourite things that keep me going. When it comes to cars, my favourite is my very own 1967 MGB Roadster. I've spent many years restoring my MGB Roadster during weekends whether it is fixing an engine, looking for spare parts or detailing it. I share a special bond with my car and it's part of my family and will be for generations. Secondly i'd say the Eagle E-type Low Drag. It is a true classic that has been updated for modern times, and it is the perfect combination of style and performance.

When it comes to productivity, my little trick is planning my tasks according to my coffee time to enhance my concentration and focus. It is a simple but effective way to make sure that I am working at my best. Nothing to do with my several cups of coffee. However, this is what I must share with the new generation, my advice would be to engage in sports and create lasting relationships. It is important to have hobbies and interests outside of school or work, and building strong relationships will serve you well throughout your life. Work will follow.

While imparting life lessons is fine, personally, I am focused on cultivating the habit of rising early! Beginning the day on the right foot increases my productivity, and waking up early is the first step towards achieving that.
If you are curious about me, here are a few fun titbits: I am unequivocally a dog person, and my beloved pet is an aging Teckel named Poppy. I possess the hidden talent of fluently speaking and writing Mandarin (give me a shot!). There is not a household chore that I detest, to be honest. And when cruising around, I am inclined to belt out Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.

My personal mantra? "Who dares wins!"

In conclusion, Citroën is poised for success in the Mauritian market, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. By building on our key strengths, addressing challenges, and engaging both existing and new customers, we will continue to grow our market share and provide the best mobility solutions to the people of Mauritius.

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