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We want to ensure that your vehicle is as safe as possible, that it performs perfectly, and that it’ll be as reliable as possible. 

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Parts that are top quality and genuine are vital for safety.

When any motor vehicle goes into repair, spare parts may need to be replaced to keep the vehicle running smoothly. This replacement may be needed for different reasons. The most predominant reason is the accidental damage of any spare parts or the simple act of a spare part reaching the threshold of its durability.

When replacing the parts, genuine brands are the only ones that can be trusted. The genuine parts designed by the make understand the specifications of the car and the particular model, thereby ensuring that the spare part fits perfectly.

Good to know

Why not use counterfeit parts?

Long term impact

Although they may work for a while, in time they'll harm your engine and you will likely have more frequent breakdowns. In the long run, this will cost you far more than what you saved on the counterfeit parts!

Safety risks

Aside from compromising your vehicle, cheaply made spare parts put you at greater risk of having an accident. Common examples of counterfeit parts on the market include airbags, braking systems, filters for your engine, tyres and other vital components.

No warranty

Genuine spare parts come with a replacement guarantee from either the brand or Axess Ltd and therefore can be replaced in case of any problems. The company provides a 12 months warranty for non-electric spare parts, and when problems arise within this time duration, the products can be replaced.

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