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Jacques de Gersigny, newly appointed Head of Operations and Quality Excellence

22nd april, 2024

Towards a sustainable and customer-centric approach

In the fast-evolving automotive industry, the role of leadership extends beyond managing day-to-day operations to shaping the future through innovation, quality, and sustainability. Jacques, our newly appointed Head of Operations and Quality Excellence at Axess, shares his journey, vision, and strategies in an exclusive interview that offers valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The journey of leadership

Jacques' path to becoming the Head of Operations at Axess is a testament to his commitment to operational excellence and passion for the automotive sector. With a significant tenure at ENL Group leading the Technology & Operational Excellence department, Jacques has developed a keen ability to drive business success through strategic leadership. His appointment at Axess represents an exciting opportunity to leverage his experience towards establishing the company as a regional leader in dealership services. Jacques' approach is not merely about achieving operational targets but about empowering his team to exceed expectations daily.

Defining Quality Excellence in automotive sector

Today, 'quality excellence' in the automotive industry is synonymous with outstanding customer experience. For Jacques, this means every customer interaction should exceed expectations, from initial contact through the entire customer journey starting right from the curiosity of buying a vehicle, through ownership up and until the client decides to trade-in with Axess Pre-Owned. Jacques’ objective at Axess involves integrating a Quality Management System that focuses on customer satisfaction and simplifies processes to maintain consistent excellence. This approach is aimed at building lasting relationships based on trust and superior service quality.

Overcoming industry challenges

Mauritius today faces a fast-moving bounded by challenges automotive sector, including managing the surge in vehicle maintenance demands and demand for spare parts and accessories. Jacques intends to expand Axess's infrastructure and enhance technician training programs emphasizing on the importance of a customer-centric culture and improving the employee experience to meet and exceed customer expectations effectively. This dual focus on customer and employee satisfaction is central to his strategy for addressing current and future challenges.

Embracing sustainability and innovation

As the automotive industry increasingly adopts sustainable practices, Axess is dedicated to advancing the promotion of hybrid and electric vehicles, alongside optimizing the recycling of vehicle components through environmentally conscious methods. Jacques views this dedication as a fundamental part of their strategic business initiatives, aiming to set up industry benchmarks for environmental stewardship. This commitment not only positions Axess as a leader in sustainable practices but also contributes significantly to fostering a sustainable future in Mauritius

Leadership and team development

Jacques describes his leadership style as centered on clarity, collaboration, and continuous engagement. He aims to foster a 'One Team' culture where all members feel valued and integral to the company's mission. By setting clear goals and encouraging continuous improvement, Jacques strives to keep his team highly engaged and committed to the company's objectives.

The role of technology

Through his tenure and experience at the ENL Group, Jacque is thrilled about the possibilities that the integration of cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring to the table. With these tools, he aims to catapult Axess into a new era of operational efficiency and product quality. Picture a world where every cog in the inventory management system, from warehouse logistics to spare parts handling, operates with seamless precision. Imagine a customer experience so intuitive that every interaction, be it sales or after-sales, feels effortlessly personalized. These technological enhancements are set to transform the very fabric of service quality at Axess, ensuring the company still is a trailblazer in the dynamic automotive industry.

Personal insights and work-life balance

Outside the boardroom, Jacques is all about embracing life’s adventures and cherishing connections. He’s a family man at heart, with a strong commitment to personal growth. To keep the scales of work-life balance tipped just right, Jacques swaps spreadsheets for the great outdoors, finding his recharge in the rhythmic strides of a run, enjoying some strong winds at sea for a great sail, or the fun-filled camaraderie of camping with friends. These escapes not only refresh his mind but also stoke the fires of a lifelong passion for cars — a fascination born from a youthful curiosity with gears and gadgets, now fueled by a professional drive for sustainable innovation. 

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