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Jaguar E-Pace: Tried & Tested by Cars & Co

15th october, 2021

Luxury and Exclusivity


The DNA of the English manufacturer consists essentially of luxury and exclusivity. This results in legendary cars like the E-Type or the XJ220. The brand's new stylistic creations are no exception to the rule and are aesthetically very successful. On the 2021 E-Pace, the front end evolves with a new “diamond” effect grille mesh. The LED headlights and the chrome shield add a touch of sportiness. In profile, the E-Pace does not really change and retains its premium SUV look, especially with its 18-inch rims. At the rear, the situation is the same with the exception of the lights which are now entirely LED. Only downside of this set; the real exhaust outlets are not visible. Instead, a somewhat low-end chrome effect.



If the changes are less on the outside, it is on board that the most important modifications have been made. There is a new center console that houses a new gear lever and a larger touch screen. It is equipped with the latest technologies by integrating the new PiviPro multimedia system. Obviously, on a vehicle of this range, Apple Carplay and Android Auto are present, as are the induction charger (wireless charging) and navigation. The air conditioning controls are operated through touch sensitive buttons. A period of adaptation is necessary before mastering its operation. Finally, the dial, which is now entirely digital (12.3 inches) will allow you to have access to a multitude of information without having to take your eyes off the road. That said, the on-board computer interface is a bit complex to handle. In terms of finish, the E-Pace defends itself very well vis-à-vis the German competition. In terms of roominess, the rear seats easily accommodate three adults and the legroom is quite generous. The trunk meanwhile has a loading volume that varies between 494 and 1.386 liters depending on the configuration of the seats.

Under the hood

In Mauritius, car taxes are based on the engine capacity of the car. Prior to the arrival of the E-Pace, the local dealership had no vehicle under 1,600 cc in its lineup. This was a significant shortfall because the direct competitors all owned vehicles more suited to the local market in terms of taxation – especially for the “lucky-few” who benefit from the famous “duty-free”. With the new E-Pace, business is better because it now has a 1.5-litre engine! Yes, even Jaguar has gone downsizing! As a result, under the hood, there is a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine block developing 160 hp and 260 Nm of torque. A light hybridization is also part of it with a small 48V electric motor to relieve the thermal block during the start-up and acceleration phases. All that power is handled by an 8-speed automatic transmission. On the road chapter, it is the flexibility of the engine that surprises from the first kilometers. The accelerations are convincing even for a 3 cylinder. To tell the truth, we hadn't felt that the E-Pace only had 3 cylinders as its driving was so pleasant. If you opt for a more dynamic drive, be aware that the entry-level E-Pace (P 160s – front-wheel drive), is more comfortable in comfort mode than in sport mode. The flexible suspensions filter out road imperfections well and provide an excellent level of comfort. However, on winding roads, we will note some slightly less pleasant body movements. In terms of braking, it is not only efficient but also enduring.


According to official figures from the British manufacturer, the E-Pace would consume 6.8 L/100Km. We can say that after a day of testing, this figure is achievable. Admittedly, this will depend on your driving style, but on this type of engine, consumption is often reduced. Another good point in favor of this E-Pace!


The Jaguar E-Pace is above all a real experience. The brand itself is a symbol of success; especially in Mauritius because it is not the car of “everyman”. The E-Pace represents the access point to a prestigious brand. The design is elegant and modern while the cabin offers first-class amenities. The icing on the cake, the engine is finally more suited to local customers. In short, a real favorite!

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