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Axess Heavy Machinery: Tailoring Agricultural Equipment for Modern Farming

5th december, 2023

A Wide Range of Cutting-Edge Technological Equipment.

AXESS Heavy Machinery is now a one-stop shop, offering a wide range of cutting-edge equipment that caters to the needs of various farmer categories with varying cultivated land areas, whether it's for food crops or sugarcane. For instance, the NEW HOLLAND tractors, a brand represented by Axess, can be equipped with a GPS system, enabling better management of agricultural plots by adhering to precision farming principles. These machines, primarily manufactured in England, are equally efficient for transportation, soil preparation, and harvesting.

The most important aspect of our job is understanding the needs and constraints of each client. This is crucial in providing them with the right product at the best price, equipped with suitable technology, thereby illustrating Axess Heavy Machinery's motto: quality at the service of the customer.

-Christian Malherbe, Brand Manager of Axess Heavy Machinery. 

It's essential to respect and understand each client individually because their businesses and incomes largely depend on the machines, they purchase from us. This represents a mark of trust on their part, and the least we can do is honor and respect this trust. Consequently, we do everything to offer them quality after-sales service. Our spare parts department and workshop ensure that everything is in place to handle any eventuality. Christian Malherbe notes that the agricultural equipment market is incredibly dynamic, experiencing steady and rapid growth. Over the years, the range of available equipment has significantly expanded. 

At Axess, we offer NEW HOLLAND tractors ranging from 35 HP to over 250 HP, GRIMME equipment for potato cultivation, including planters, harvesters, lifters, and sifters, as well as Kirpy equipment for field stone removal with stone crushers, along with heavy and light cultivators. We also market seeders and harvesters from brands like Simon & Gaspardo.

The New Holland brand carries a legacy of being pioneers in the field, each one enhancing the productivity of farmers since 1895. The brand stands as a specialist in agriculture with a broad portfolio of agricultural equipment, a global presence, and close customer relationships through a robust dealer network. It offers industry-leading solutions for productive and sustainable agriculture. As a leader in clean energy, New Holland is at the forefront of sustainable farming with the goal of producing more with less. 

Christian Malherbe emphasizes that the mechanization of cultural operations is a major lever for improving the competitiveness and performance of farms, especially due to the cost and scarcity of labor. These tools are essential for a successful transition to more sustainable agriculture. In fact, in our agricultural range, except for tractors, all equipment is non-motorized, meaning they do not emit carbon.

On the other hand, alongside basic motorized equipment, there is a particular need for seeders and harvesters for food crop cultivation. According to Christian Malherbe's observations, new requirements for equipment are emerging. The demands are becoming more specific and personalized. Each user has unique needs. The challenge is, and remains, to provide customers exactly what they need to ensure their investment is profitable.

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