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Time to celebrate for Suzuki at Axess

15th may, 2024

With over 30 years of experience and unwavering trust in the Suzuki brand, these recognitions truly reflect our dedication and excellence.

Suzuki earns four awards at the Suzuki Automobile Distributors Conference 2024

Axess, representing Suzuki in Mauritius for over 30 years, distinguished itself at the Suzuki Automobile Distributors Conference 2024 held in Dubai on April 23, 2024. During this event, Axess was awarded four prizes in the following categories: 

  • First in market share in the local market in 2023-24 - Suzuki dealers in Mauritius
  • Highest market share growth in Africa (2023-24 - category A) - Suzuki dealers in Mauritius
  • Strongest volume growth in Africa (2023-24 - category A) - Suzuki by Axess
  • Best Suzuki website - Suzuki by Axess


These awards reflect Axess’s commitment to the Japanese brand and its clientele.

Beyond Sales: A Relationship of Trust

These awards testify to the dedication of our team, which comprises many talents. It is thanks to them that we proudly fly the Suzuki colors high in Mauritius. These awards are also the result of the trust our clients place in us, and we are extremely grateful for it. Our goal goes beyond merely selling vehicles. What truly matters is building strong relationships with each customer. This is reflected in the large number of clients we have successfully retained over the years, who now swear by Suzuki.

says Vimala Sawmy, Brand Manager of Suzuki Axess.

Suzuki by Axess Awards 2024

Suzuki has the highest sales of new vehicles in Mauritius

In 2023, Axess achieved a significant milestone by achieving impressive sales of over 1,956 vehicles from the Japanese brand, positioning Suzuki Axess as the leader in the new vehicle market in Mauritius. 

This year, Suzuki reaches 24.5% market share, with 17.14% sold by Axess, illustrating the trust and popularity it enjoys among Mauritians.

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