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LIQUI MOLY in Mauritius: Fueling the future of lubricants and additives

19th june, 2024

Collaborative efforts with Axess Ltd to enhance market presence and introduce high-performance solutions

In a move that underscores the growing synergy between the two dynamic entities, we recently welcomed prominent representatives from LIQUI MOLY, a global leader in automotive lubricants and additives. The island's serene beauty set the perfect backdrop for a series of high-impact meetings, as Marco Renz, Sales Director for the Middle East & Africa, and Clement Winterhoff, Export Area Manager, spent three days engaging with our respective teams at Axess, LIQUI MOLY's exclusive distributor in Mauritius. This visit wasn't just about maintaining business relations; it was about forging stronger bonds and envisioning a future fueled by solutions and collaboration.

From the outset, the agenda was clear: to discuss the ongoing and upcoming marketing projects for the financial year, aimed at further strengthening LIQUI MOLY's market presence in Mauritius. During their stay, the representatives had detailed discussions with our team about various marketing campaigns, events, and other promotional activities planned for the financial year. These discussions highlighted the commitment of both companies to driving growth and enhancing customer engagement through strategic initiatives.

Hosting Marco and Clement has been an incredibly enriching experience for our team at Axess. Their visit provided us with invaluable insights and solidified our collaborative efforts. The strategic discussions we've had, particularly around upcoming marketing projects and the introduction of specialized oils for heavy machinery, have set a clear path for our future endeavors. 

We are excited about the innovative initiatives and the enhanced support this partnership brings to our resellers and customers in Mauritius. Together, we are poised to achieve remarkable growth and success.

Vincent Blackburn, Business Development Manager, Spare parts


Engaging with accredited resellers and partners

A significant part of the visit involved visiting some of LIQUI MOLY's accredited resellers and partners in Mauritius. Marco and Clement had the opportunity to meet with key resellers, understand the market dynamics firsthand, and gather valuable feedback. This on-ground interaction was crucial in aligning LIQUI MOLY's offerings with the needs and expectations of the local market.

The visit to resellers also provided an excellent platform for discussing collaborative efforts to boost sales and improve service quality. The feedback and insights gained from these visits will undoubtedly help in fine-tuning marketing strategies and ensuring better support for resellers.

Collaboration with Axess Heavy Machinery Team

An exciting development during the visit was the discussion about future projects with the Axess heavy machinery team. Introducing specialized oils for industrial and agricultural vehicles on the Mauritian market. These products are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of heavy machinery, which is crucial for industries such as construction and agriculture in Mauritius.


The visit by LIQUI MOLY representatives to Mauritius was more than a business trip; it was a testament to a shared vision of innovation, excellence, and collaboration. The discussions, the plans, and the connections made have set the stage for an exciting year ahead, filled with new opportunities and achievements. 

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to visit our partner AXESS and their team in Mauritius. It is always a pleasure to be directly with our partners to further strengthen our relationship. Looking at the developments of recent years, we are proud that LIQUI MOLY is represented by AXESS in Mauritius. The close collaboration and joint efforts on the ground have proven to be successful and fruitful.

During our visit, we discussed strategies for the months ahead, once again focusing on innovating in products, marketing, and sales. We also had the opportunity to meet some of our clients, which is always very important to us. Understanding our clients' needs through active listening allows us to continue making progress and innovating.

Looking forward, LIQUI MOLY and AXESS have many exciting projects ahead, including the launch of the MEGUIN brand. Stay tuned as we embark on these next steps together!

Marco Renz, Sales Director for the Middle East & Africa & Clement Winterhoff, Export Area Manager, LIQUI MOLY

As LIQUI MOLY and Axess Ltd continue to work hand-in-hand, the future looks bright. With a commitment to delivering top-tier products and unparalleled customer service, LIQUI MOLY is poised to make an indelible mark on the Mauritian market, driving growth and fostering lasting relationships with customers and partners alike.

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