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Liqui Moly Mauritius elevates automotive Care with Pro-Line JetClean Training

23rd february, 2024

Unlock your vehicle’s true potential with Liqui Moly JetClean 

Next-Gen JETCLEAN Tronic: Axess unveils advanced cleaning solution with exclusive training for workshop owners

Axess recently launched the second generation of the JETCLEAN Tronic and conducted an intensive training session for workshop owners, focusing on the latest addition to their equipment lineup: the second-generation JETCLEAN Tronic Machine. This training aimed to familiarize participants with the advanced features and functionalities of the upgraded equipment, enabling them to maximize its potential in their workshops.

Throughout the training, workshop owners partnered with Axess Parts Dept. to delve into the intricacies of the JETCLEAN Tronic Machine. They gained comprehensive insights into its innovative technology, operational procedures, and maintenance protocols. Hands-on demonstrations allowed participants to interact directly with the equipment, facilitating a deeper understanding of its capabilities.

Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, workshop owners discovered how the JETCLEAN Tronic Machine could revolutionize their automotive maintenance processes. From efficient cleaning of engine components to performance optimization, the equipment showcased its versatility and effectiveness.

By the end of the training, workshop owners were equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate the JETCLEAN Tronic Machine seamlessly into their daily operations. They left the session empowered to enhance the quality of service provided to their customers and drive greater efficiency in their workshops.

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