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Liqui Moly Dealer's Night

20th september, 2023

Behind every great brand are even greater partners.

Liqui Moly is making remarkable strides in the Mauritian automotive market.

To honour a year filled with strong sales and financial growth, Loqui Moly's exclusive distributor in Mauritius, Axess - hosted an unforgettable event. On August 30, 2023, the Liqui Moly Dealers' Conference took place at The Pod, located in Moka's Vivéa Business Park. We were delighted to have Marco Renz, our Sales Director for Africa and the Middle East, join us in the celebration.

Over the past year, we've witnessed our brand gaining not just professional accolades but also the trust of everyday car owners. This success - as Vincent Blackburn Brand Manager of Liqui Moly by Axess pointed out - is a result of the concerted educational efforts undertaken by our partners. Axess is set to amplify this progress through specialized product training and enhanced marketing activities. Moreover, we're looking forward to expanding our network by welcoming new partners, which will undoubtedly extend our footprint across Mauritius.

Marco Renz, Liqui Moly' Sales Director, had this to say about the event: 

The Annual Dealers Nights have strengthened our relationships with local dealers in Mauritius. Events like these foster a community spirit and fuel passion for our brand. They also motivate our customers to deepen their focus on our diverse product range. Connecting with our partners in Mauritius allows us to understand their specific needs for high-quality products. We're also ecstatic to welcome new resellers and workshops to the global LIQUI MOLY family. Their enthusiasm and support are what drive our continued success on the island.

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