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20th may, 2022

The most competitive service and maintenance contract.

The most competitive service and maintenance contract.

Eager to implement reliable vehicle maintenance adapted to the current economic challenges, Axess launched SERENITY BY AXESS so both corporate and private customers can take the road with complete peace of mind while saving up to 35% on their maintenance costs.  

SERENITY BY AXESS consists of two offers to choose from: the ‘SERENITY BLUE’ plan which is a contract that covers the periodic servicing only of the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s standards whereas the “SERENITY SILVER” plan also includes the maintenance and replacement of worn parts (except for Tyres). Services are carried out using genuine parts, by trained and certified technicians.  

The following are eligible for the offer:  

  • SERENITY BLUE & SILVER: New owners of vehicles ranging from Suzuki, Mazda, Ford, Citroën, and Peugeot at Axess;
  • SERENITY BLUE: Customers who have purchased either a new vehicle or a Pre-Owned vehicle of these same brands from Axess, regardless of the mileage;
  • SERENITY SILVER: Customers who have recently purchased a car of the same brands from Axess and have not yet completed their first servicing. 

Our sales and after-sales teams will advise customers who wish to benefit from SERENITY BY AXESS to choose the maintenance contract that best suits the use of their vehicle. Depending on their annual mileage and budget, Axess offers three adapted packages valid for each of the SERENITY BY AXESS formulas: 3 years or 60,000 km, 5 years or 100,000 km or 7 years or 140,000 km.

With the SERENITY BY AXESS contracts, we remain true to our vision: to be the automotive partner of reference in Mauritius by offering innovative and flexible solutions. We are aware of the growing need of Mauritians to be reassured about the after-sales service of their vehicle, which can represent a significant sum in the overall budget of a household.  
At Axess, we pride ourselves on enabling our customers to accurately control their automotive budget without worrying about unforeseen costs during the term of the contract. Thus, offering them an improved after-sales service experience at a competitive price.

An average saving of 35% on vehicle maintenance is the promise Axess makes to its customers eligible for the SERENITY plan. Axess allows its customers to control 100% of their vehicle’s maintenance costs with this maintenance contract while saving money.  

This contract, associated with the chassis of the car, is 100% transferable so it increases the resale value of the vehicle. Additionally, it can be financed along with the car by leasing*. In short, for a few hundred rupees more on the monthly payment, the client’s vehicle will be covered for the entire duration of the contract under SERENITY BY AXESS, including labour and wear parts.  

Contact us on 8943 or by email on serenity@axess.mu to have all the details of the SERENITY Car Care Contracts adapted to your needs. 

*Conditions apply

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