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De Grendel wine tasting with Jaguar Mauritius

3rd november, 2023

An evening of exquisite tastes with Jaguar and De Grendel wines.

A tale of wines

The Jaguar Land Rover showroom, known for its sleek designs and refined vehicles, recently embraced a different kind of luxury – the allure of fine wine. On this exclusive evening, the contemporary space echoed with excited murmurs and the clinking of wine glasses, as Mauritius's elite gathered for a soirée like no other.

In partnership with Oxenham, Jaguar Land Rover was honored to host Charles Hopkins, the renowned Cellar Master from De Grendel Wines. With his vast knowledge and infectious passion, Charles introduced us to,

A world where each bottle of wine tells a tale, where each sip reveals a story.

Patience, precision & a touch of magic

The core of the evening was a specially curated wine pairing. Mauritian culinary delights, known for their rich flavors and diverse influences, danced perfectly with the wines of De Grendel. Each pairing was a beautiful blend of the island's culinary artistry with South African viniculture, resulting in an experience that tantalized the taste buds and nourished the soul.

Charles's commentary brought to life the De Grendel vineyards, painting images of sprawling vines beneath the South African sun, of age-old traditions, and modern innovations. As he shared the heritage of each wine, guests were reminded of the parallels between the craftsmanship of a fine wine and that of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles - both require patience, precision, and a touch of magic.

Here's to the blend of horsepower & wine power!

Jaguar Land Rover's initiative to blend automotive luxury with the world of fine wines is a testament to their commitment to curating unique experiences for their customers. It's more than just about cars; it's about embracing a lifestyle of modern luxury, elegance, and memorable moments.

To all who graced the event, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your presence turned an evening of wine tasting into a memorable rendezvous of Mauritian elites. As the night concluded, guests left with a renewed appreciation for the finer things in life and memories of an evening where luxury cars met luxury wines.

Here's to the blend of horsepower and wine power, and to many more such enriching evenings with Jaguar Land Rover! Cheers!

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